A Random Joke is a Baby Lamb & Friends short that aired on March 30, 2016.


In this random joke, a bunch of friends are sitting down and watching a show. But what happens when one misunderstands a phrase?


Everyone is just sitting down and enjoying themselves, and watching an episode of The Powerpuff Girls. A clip comes in where Professor Utonium says "Oh boy, it's a full house!" Ricky says "Did someone say Full House?", and before Baby Lamb could stop him, he switches to the theme song of the 90s sitcom "Full House". Baby Lamb said that's not what they meant by "full house" but Ricky replied that they should've been more specific. The short ends with Baby Lamb making an exasperated sigh.



  • A Bunch of People


  • Despite this short being considered as part of the series, it actually aired about a month before the first episode premiered. 
  • The clip came from The Powerpuff Girls episode "Silent Treatment".

The Short

A Random Joke

A Random Joke

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