Baby Lamb is the titular protagonist of the series Baby Lamb & Friends.


Baby Lamb is a small and short male lamb covered with black wool. He has large dots for eyes as well as stubby arms and legs.


Baby Lamb is, usually, extremely happy and optimistic and can stay positive even when times are tough. Although there are times where he can get emotional, there are rare moments where he gets angry. He enjoys taking on new experiences and most of all, cares for all of his friends.


Baby Lamb lives in a big house on Capitol City with all of his very good friends. Everyone knows Baby Lamb and they all like him.


Cow McMoo

Baby Lamb and Cow are very best friends. Though Baby Lamb has appeared without Cow a few times, Cow rarely appears without Baby Lamb, for they are inseparable friends. Though they are different, they still are true friends through and through.

Belle Butterfly

Although both she and Baby Lamb are young, it has been implied a few times that Baby Lamb has a crush on Belle and vice-versa. Belle cares very deeply for Baby Lamb as Baby Lamb does for Belle. In fact, there are moments where one of them is willing to help the other out and save them during a time of need or a moment of danger. But unfortunately after a recent incident where a former friend of Simon A. got exposed as a pedophile, Simon had to confirm that Baby Lamb and Belle are just friends and nothing more.

Ricky Bowers

Ricky can be a bit cocky sometimes to Baby Lamb, but that doesn't stop the two of them from being good friends. Ricky sometimes acts like a brother to Baby Lamb, and even if he can be a bit pretentious, he still has a heart and wants Baby Lamb to be happy.

Donny Dolphin

Donny is usually willing to give Baby Lamb some wisdom, though sometimes he's the first to shut down Baby Lamb's ideas during situations when he feels like they're very unnecessary.

Alice Pennington

Alice and Baby Lamb are close friends with one another and care very much. In Season 1, Alice has been shown to be very caring of Baby Lamb like a big sister and helped comforted Baby Lamb whenever he was feeling down. Of course, she's always willing to prove Baby Lamb wrong whenever there is doubt.


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