Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie is a 2019 live-action/animated hybrid feature film based on the 2016 YouTube series, Baby Lamb & Friends. It premiered to YouTube on November 9, 2019.


The Dark Slayer may look threatening, but in actuality he is a very lousy villain. So, he sets out to prove to everyone in Capitol City that he is a real villain by plotting to destroy the town and rule its people with an iron fist. Baby Lamb and all of his friends don't believe him until The Dark Slayer proves them wrong and turns the people against them. The rest of the gang seek vengeance, but Baby Lamb realizes something serious about The Dark Slayer.


Derrick McCormick was busy playing with Green Monkey until he falls down. Afterwards, he tells Green Monkey that play time is over so Green Monkey leaves. Derrick McCormick starts to tell the story, which talks about an emotionally possessed man who's life was corrupted by hatred. It begins in a town called Capitol City and involves a 6-year-old sheep named Baby Lamb.

(opening credits begin)

It is a beautiful morning in Capitol City and Baby Lamb says it's a great day to play a game with a ball, attracting the attention of all his friends: Belle, A.P., Cow, Ricky, and Donny. They all play with the ball until Baby Lamb accidentally breaks the garage door of the 60047 Police Fort. Chief Mark sees the mess and after telling them to be more careful, returns the ball. The gang decide to continue playing until Belle notices the ball is missing. They hear a teasing voice and notice The Dark Slayer himself has the ball! But they don't take him seriously but instead invite him to play. The Dark Slayer is baffled that they're not scared or upset and wants to be feared by them.


Around the summer of 2016, Simon A. had an idea of making a film adaptation of "Baby Lamb & Friends", even though it was very early in the series itself. He made a short announcement of the movie around the end of June of 2016 and recorded nearly a half-hour of footage of it, but eventually due to time constraints and a lack of space to record more footage, the concept overall was scrapped.

Fast forward 2 years later in 2018, Simon A. worked on a poster for Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie featuring silhouettes of the 6 main characters with a tagline saying "Coming 2018". However, it was never publicly revealed and nothing else was made for the movie.

Later, on May 4, 2019, Simon made an announcement both on Twitter and YouTube that Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie is in development, while also posting a brand-new poster he drew that parodies Avengers: Endgame. It took him a while to come up with the plot, but after the release of the Season 4 episode "A Tale of Two Cows", he announced it would be the last episode made before production on the film officially starts. The reason he didn't start production after he announced the movie's development was because he wanted to wait until after he finishes school to work on it.

The film will be mainly live-action, contrary to many who believed the film is gonna be completely animated. However there will be several animated sequences, even for the opening and closing of the film, all animated by Simon A. It will also be a collaborative project, meaning other people (IRL and online friends) will take on main and/or guest roles other than Simon A., who previously did all the voices for the characters in the entire series. In addition, this film will debut Cami J. Green and Marisa the Gem Fox as the voices of Belle Butterfly and Alphabet Pal, respectively. They will also be replacing Simon A, who originally performed the aforementioned characters. Derrick McCormick, of UNODASH fame, will also guest-star in this movie.

Towards the end of July, the cast of Weeknight Update (consisting of Kung-E Muller, MichaelsiCast, Amanual Gafi, and Neb519) were in talks to guest-star in the movie, and they all happily obliged. Additionally, Gafi will also be playing the role as Jonathan, The Dark Slayer's young and mistreated assistant.

Afterwards, other voices such as Rebecca K. Lunetta, Josh Politt, Jonathan Asiamah, and Luca Dollar are casted as Officer Patricia, Osiris, Professor Flaten, and Gerald Frankson, respectively. Jaylynn Russell (known for her voice work on Derrick McCormick's "The Ricans") and Nick Ulto (founder and CEO of FrenzyMedia) will also be guest-starring in the movie.

On September 14th, 2019, Simon A. announced on his channel (via the community post) that he's gonna release the first official trailer for the movie the next day after, which he did thus building up hype for the film. It generated over 500 views and lots of positive feedback from fans of his channel.

As of September 27, 2019, Simon A. announced that the filming for the movie has officially been completed. As of October 19, 2019, Simon A. has announced that production on Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie is officially completed. However, the release date is still going to be in November.

On October 26, 2019, a second official trailer for the movie was released. A third and final trailer was released on November 4, 2019.


Main Characters

Secondary Characters

  • Uncle Lamb (voiced by Simon A.)
  • Derrick McCormick (played by himself)
  • Jonathan (voiced by Amanual Gafi)
  • Roger Rex (voiced by Simon A.)
  • Elliot the Evil Store Clerk (voiced by Elie Muller)
  • Nick (voiced by Frumper Dink)
  • Bill Quackers (voiced by Simon A.)
  • Mejax Webster (voiced by Simon A.)
  • Michael (played by MichaelsiCast)
  • Leroy (played by MichaelsiCast)
  • Marina Hall (voiced by MichaelsiCast)
  • Dave Passions (voiced by Amanual Gafi)
  • Greg Stevenson (played by Neb519)
  • Bob Richardson (played by Simon A.)


  • The Dark Slayer (voiced by Simon A.)
  • Professor Flaten (voiced by Jonathan Asiamah)
  • Osiris (voiced by Josh Pollitt)
  • Gerald Frankson (voiced by Luca Dollar)
  • The Dominator (voiced by Simon A.)

Minor Characters

  • Officer Mark
  • Officer Patricia (voiced by Rebecca K. Lunetta)
  • Officer Derek
  • Officer Marvin (voiced by Isaiah Wong)
  • Officer Aaron
  • Old Inspector (voiced by Nick Ulto)
  • Hal
  • Bomb
  • Terence
  • The Count Von Count (voiced by Little Blue)
  • Realistic Ricky (voiced by Brendan Barney)
  • Realistic Belle
  • Realistic Baby Lamb
  • Realistic Cow
  • Realistic Donny
  • Realistic Alphabet Pal
  • The Cutiepuff Girls
  • Rover the Hound
  • Minecraft Steve
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (cameo)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (voiced by Ken Friedel)
  • Ninjago Alarm Clock
  • Criminals
  • Exquisite Orange (cameo)
  • Neighborhood Trolley
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Tigger
  • Eeyore
  • Piglet
  • Bernard the Bear
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Vincent
  • Marshall
  • Lenny the Leprechaun
  • Red Bird
  • Jamie the Fuzz
  • Gus
  • The Dragon




  • This movie is dedicated to Wayne Allwine, Russi Taylor, and Fred Rogers.
  • Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie is shown in Cinemascope (2.35:1), rather than widescreen (16:9).
  • This marks the first time ever that female voice actresses are heard in a Baby Lamb & Friends production.
    • Specifically, this film stars Cami J. Green, Marisa the Gem Fox, Jaylynn Russell, and Rebecca K. Lunetta.
  • This is the longest Baby Lamb & Friends production ever, not only because it's nearly 2 hours long (dethroning Another Egg-stravagant Easter which stood at a mere 23 minutes) but also because it took 5 months to complete.
  • This is one of the first times in the series that Simon A. doesn't do all of the voices.
  • This is the first time ever in the series that animation is used.
  • The film is recorded in the same style as the show itself, only the cartoon "paper puppets" of some of the characters are added with shading to give a more cinematic appeal. Not only that, but also it includes music composed by Simon A. and non-copyrighted cinematic music.
  • Despite the movie being released in November, it takes place during summertime (as the movie was originally going to be released during the summer of 2019).
  • The release date was originally November 3, but Simon decided to change it due to most movies getting a wide reception on Saturdays so he extended it to November 9.
  • This film premiered on the day of Felix the Cat's 100th birthday, the 10th Anniversary of Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, and the 20th Anniversary of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas.
  • CREATOR'S NOTE: The "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" epilogue scene wasn't initially going to be in the movie. But after hearing about the death of Russi Taylor, Simon A. decided to add that in to pay tribute her. The reason being was her first performance as Minnie Mouse was during a Disney TV special titled "Totally Minnie", where she sang a duet of that song with Elton John. The entire epilogue was based off that scene from the special.

Running Gags

  • Chief Mark complaining or reacting to the garage getting destroyed.
  • Bob Richardson getting locked in the closet.

Cultural References

  • The "Baby Lamb Creations" logo at the beginning parodies the Marvel Studios logo.
  • Derrick McCormick asking the viewers to come closer and the camera zooms in too close to his face references the opening scene from Aladdin.
    • Aladdin was also referenced when Eliott was talking to The Dark Slayer about The Stick of Superiority saying "Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance."
  • During the "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" scene, after Cow pushes the blue button on the Space-Time Fabric Tamperer, Baby Lamb and Belle briefly turn into Parum and Merskia (characters created by Parum333) and then Victor Virus and Penny Bleat (characters from "CartoonMania" created by Animator320).
  • When Baby Lamb suddenly appears in front of the house from "CartoonMania", the Mr. Bean theme song is heard as the intro is parodied.
  • The camp counselor bears a striking resemblance to Chris McLean from the Total Drama series.
  • During a brief shot of The Evil Store's exterior, a wanted poster of John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren & Stimpy who is often a subject of controversy, is shown.
  • The Dark Slayer accidentally falling into the toilet references the infamous scene of Mufasa's death from The Lion King.
  • Several references to Avengers: Endgame was made in this movie.
    • The first official poster for the movie was parodying the official Endgame poster.
    • Thanos appeared killing The Dark Slayer during the animated dream sequence.
    • The Infinity Gauntlet was one of the items available at The Evil Store.
    • Osiris contrasted The Dark Slayer to Thanos because of his lack of compassion towards children.


Sneak Peek

(SNEAK PEEK 1) Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie

(SNEAK PEEK 1) Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie

A sneak peek was posted on June 29, 2019, where Baby Lamb and Cow have a wholesome conversation after Baby Lamb left after a party and was feeling scared. A lot of people expected the movie to be animated, but Simon A. promised them there will be animated segments in there.

Trailer 1

Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie (2019) - Official Trailer 1

Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie (2019) - Official Trailer 1

The first official trailer was released on September 15, 2019. Being only 1 minute and 15 seconds long, it features many clips (both animated and live-action) that are gonna be featured in the movie and promoted a release date of November 2019. No audio is heard from the clips, but a cover of the song "Change" from Steven Universe: The Movie (sung by Simon A. in his Baby Lamb voice) plays throughout the trailer.

The description itself explains why it took so long for Simon A. to show more footage of the movie since the sneak peek he posted back in June, and he plans for this movie to be "The best thing I have ever done on this channel".

Trailer 2

Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie (2019) - Official Trailer 2

Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie (2019) - Official Trailer 2

The second official trailer was released on October 26, 2019. With a runtime of 1 minute and 29 seconds, it's slightly longer in comparison to the first trailer. But newer clips were featured, once more showing both animated and live-action portions of the movie. In addition, there is actual dialogue this time from the characters and the song "21 Guns" by Green Day (higher-pitched) plays in the background. In addition, the MPAA rating screen is shown at the beginning as well as a vignette version of the Baby Lamb Creations logo.

Simon A. stated in the description that production on Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie has finally completed.

Trailer 3

Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie (2019) - Final Trailer 3-0

Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie (2019) - Final Trailer 3-0

The third and final trailer for the film was released on November 4, 2019, being only 4 seconds shorter than the previous trailer. It has slightly less dialogue than the previous trailer, but includes several lines spoken by Baby Lamb, Uncle Lamb, and The Dark Slayer. The song playing in this trailer is "If That's Not Love" by The Naked Brothers Band.

It also features a new title sequence of the film's logo and reveals the film's release date of Saturday, November 9, 2019.


The Movie

Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie (2019) - FULL MOVIE

Baby Lamb & Friends The Movie (2019) - FULL MOVIE

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