Baby Lamb the Train is the 2nd episode of Season 5 of Baby Lamb & Friends and the 75th episode overall. It was uploaded on May 25, 2020.


Baby Lamb wants to be a living train just like Thomas the Tank Engine and suddenly gets what he wished for, but he then realizes being a train isn't as easy as it seemed.


The episode begins with Baby Lamb saying that he's bored. As a joke, Cow takes a board out and says that this is "bored". Baby Lamb finds the joke amusing but wonders where Cow got the board from, which turns out to be one of the boards from the deck of the backyard patio.  

Baby Lamb and Cow wish that they could go out somewhere instead of having to stay at home and wonder what they can do until they heard chuffing, puffing, and a familiar whistle. They set off to see what it is, and find Thomas the Tank Engine chugging into Town Square. Baby Lamb and Cow are pleasantly surprised to see Thomas again in such a long time, and Thomas tells them that he's traveling across the world and decides to stop by and see the two. Baby Lamb and Cow realize that it's Thomas' birthday and he's turning 75 years old, and Thomas mentions how much he loves seeing the world and meeting new people along the way but also mentions how much nicer it is being on Sodor. Soon, Thomas leaves to see more sights.   

After seeing Thomas, Baby Lamb says how much he would love to be a living train just like Thomas and not have to worry about aging or getting sick and to have the joy of traveling around the world and being free. Cow is skeptical about Baby Lamb thinking that being a living vehicle gives him more freedom than being a lamb. Baby Lamb disagrees but realizes that it's a dream that can never true. As he turns around, he accidentally hits himself on the structure of the Police Fort and goes unconscious. Baby Lamb then wakes up but then realizes that he became a living train, and he is both surprised and delighted and sets off to show Cow.  

Cow was busy sleeping until Baby Lamb rides up to Cow and wakes him up, and Cow is shocked to see Baby Lamb as a train but finds it awesome and Baby Lamb agrees. Although, the two wonder why Big Bird is riding on Baby Lamb. Afterwards, Baby Lamb sees Lenny the Leprechaun, who notices that Baby Lamb is a train and needs a ride to the Civic Center because he wants to go to the Great Shamrock Convention. Baby Lamb happily obliges. Afterwards, Baby Lamb says what he really wants to do as a train is ride around Capitol City and see all the wonderful sights. But then, Baby Lamb sees Marshall McGee, who also asks for a ride to the Hat Store so he can get a new hat for himself and for his pet bullfrog, Cosmo. Like before, Baby Lamb offers to give him a ride. Later, Baby Lamb meets up with Mejax and Bill, who are in awe that Baby Lamb is a train. They invite him to a party inside the police garage and Baby Lamb accepts the invitation, but given that he's a train he can't fit inside the garage. Disappointed, Baby Lamb leaves off.  

After a while, Baby Lamb feels very tired and doesn't want anymore interruptions until Rover wants a ride from Baby Lamb to the racetrack because his race car broke down and it's being repaired at the racetrack but he doesn't have a ride. Baby Lamb reluctantly gives him a ride, but used up so much of his energy in the matter of a day that he can't move as fast as Rover wanted him to.  

Later that day, Baby Lamb feels very pooped and realizes that being a train isn't as easy as he thought. He notices Thomas, who is amazed that Baby Lamb is a train. Baby Lamb laments to Thomas about how he took his old self for granted and realized that being an engine isn't meant for him. Thomas sympathizes with Baby Lamb's situation and relates to how he was once unsatisfied with who he was but a friend of his told him that it's better to be who you are and embrace it. Baby Lamb realizes that Thomas is right and that he's better being a lamb and that's who he's meant to be. Thomas leaves and Baby Lamb wishes he could be a lamb again, until he suddenly wakes up and finds himself surrounded by his friends.   

He realizes that he was unconscious because of how he hit his head earlier and that it was all just a dream, which he told all his friends about. He says that he's happy being the way he is, but only wonders why Big Bird was with him as a train. Ricky thinks Big Bird was being the driver and was controlling Baby Lamb as a train. Baby Lamb wonders if the same was for Thomas, and Donny says that it is since engines always need to have people inside them in order for them to move and function. But Cow mistook someone being inside Thomas to Thomas being pregnant. The camera pans to Thomas the Tank Engine, as he whistles and heads off.   

In an epilogue scene, a 2017 clip of Simon A. playing the "Thomas and Friends" theme song on the piano is shown.  



  • Starting with this episode, the music for the "Baby Lamb Creations" logo opening sequence is arranged by Simon A. and no longer uses audio from the 1970 "A Cat in the Hat Presentation" logo. 
    • Additionally, the logo sequence now features silhouettes of Belle Butterfly, Ricky Bowers, Cow McMoo, and Alice Pennington on the corners of the screen instead of silhouettes of Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Ed. 
  • This episode is in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Thomas & Friends. 
    • Coincidentally, this episode is also in honor of the 75th episode of Baby Lamb & Friends. It was originally going to be Cartoon Shorties Night but due to personal obligations and the COVID-19 pandemic, it's been moved to the 80th episode. 
  • This episode marks Thomas the Tank Engine's first major role in a Baby Lamb & Friends episode since the Season 1 episode "Thomas Comes to Visit". 
    • Baby Lamb and Cow's dialogue when they heard Thomas chuffing and puffing before he appeared mirrors the dialogue uttered by the Police Crew when Thomas appeared in "Thomas Comes to Visit".
  • Jessie Ortiz did the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine in this episode, replacing Simon A. who has voiced Thomas in all of his preceding appearances in the series. 
  • This episode marks the first time Belle is shown redesigned, with having visible arms and legs. 
  • The clip of Simon A. playing the Thomas & Friends theme song on the keyboard at the end was recorded on November 2017 and was originally included at the end of NostalgiaDude1998's redub of the Thomas & Friends episode, "Thomas and the Special Letter" which was to celebrate Simon A.'s 15th birthday.

The Episode

Baby Lamb & Friends Episode 75 - Baby Lamb the Train

Baby Lamb & Friends Episode 75 - Baby Lamb the Train

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