Belle Butterfly is one of the main characters in Baby Lamb & Friends


Belle is an adorable yellow butterfly with red antennae, large yellow wings with green spots, and a purple abdomen. Originally, her wings tended to act as extremities. But now she's been redesigned with visible arms and legs so she can be more versatile. 


Belle is, for the most part, very sweet and precious and has a heart for all of her friends. She deeply cares for people and always encouraging. But she can be very adventurous, too, and is not afraid to stand up against anyone who messes with her or anyone she loves.  


  • Belle has the most voice artists out of any character in the series. She has been voiced by Simon A., Cami J. Green, Dre Higbee, and Tania Soria. 
  • Simon A. created her because he didn't want to make Alice the only female character as part of the main 6.
  • She is the first main character not based on a real-life toy Simon had.
  • It is hinted that she may have a crush on Baby Lamb. Cami J. Green, the voice of Belle, says that Baby Lamb and Belle make a cute couple.
    • The finale of Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie confirms that Baby Lamb and Belle have a special relationship. But after a recent incident where a former friend of Simon A. got exposed as a pedophile, Simon had to confirm that Baby Lamb and Belle are just friends and nothing more.
  • Dre Higbee inspired Simon to redesign the character.
  • Belle Butterfly is also a huge fan of Minnie Mouse.
  • Baby Lamb and Belle have kissed twice. First in the episode Gift of the Fools and the second in Derrick McCormick & Friends.

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