"Bigfoot" is a Baby Lamb & Friends cartoon short. It premiered on YouTube on June 10, 2020.


Baby Lamb & the gang are out in the woods, trying to find Bigfoot. 


Baby Lamb, Belle, Cow, and Ricky are walking out in the woods. Belle asks why they're in the woods, and Cow says that they're trying to capture Bigfoot so he can take a picture of it. Baby Lamb isn't very sure that there is a Bigfoot, but Ricky says that there is, otherwise they wouldn't be talking about it. Cow thinks he spotted Bigfoot, so he, Ricky, and Baby Lamb all try looking for him. Belle, on the other hand, is unamused and walks away. Deep in the forest, Belle is shown petting a rabbit until she heard some rustling in the bushes. She is nervous until she finds none other than Bigfoot himself....who turns out to be not-so-big, to Belle's surprise. Bigfoot gives Belle a flower, and then Bigfoot takes her with him. After a while, Belle has come to realize that Bigfoot isn't so scary after all. They then hear some voices, which turns out to be Baby Lamb and Ricky. Ricky complains that they've been out for a long time but they haven't found Bigfoot. Baby Lamb says that he isn't real, but Ricky still doesn't believe him and wants Cow to back him up, until he's shown listening to some music on his headphones. Belle remembers that they're hunting for Bigfoot, and doesn't want them to find him. But then she gets an idea. 

Ricky then starts to believe that Baby Lamb is right and there is no Bigfoot after all until Belle calls out to them and says that she found Bigfoot! The three guys are shocked and find out that he is real, and Ricky wants Cow to take a picture. But instead of that, Cow jumps out and tackles "Bigfoot", saying that he got Bigfoot until it turns out that it was a bush the whole time. The four decided to head home, with Ricky thinking the day was a complete waste, Baby Lamb thinking the experience was nice, and Cow disappointed that he couldn't capture Bigfoot. But Belle looks at the real Bigfoot and they wink at each other as the short ends.



  • This is Ricky Bowers' first appearance in a Baby Lamb & Friends cartoon short.
  • Tania Soria did the voice of Belle in this short, making her the fourth person to voice Belle (the first three being Simon A., Cami J. Green, and Dre Higbee).
  • Cow was heard listening to the song "Happy Happy Joy Joy" from Ren & Stimpy
  • The title card at the beginning and end of the short parodied the Mickey Mouse title cards from the 1930s. 

The Short

Baby Lamb & Friends - Bigfoot

Baby Lamb & Friends - Bigfoot

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