Black Lamb Boi & Friends is a parody of Baby Lamb & Friendsdirected and produced by Cameron W. Cowan. It premiered to YouTube on November 29, 2019 with a short called "How to Make a Birthday Special". 


Black Lamb Boi shows the viewers how to make a birthday special with the help of his friends. 


The episode begins on a barn with Bullcow shown on the fields. Black Lamb Boi, surrounded by black goats and rams, wakes up from his sleep and tells people not to be racist. He sees that people want to make birthday videos so he begins to describe the 3 easy steps to making a birthday video, as thunder and lightning show up with The Count Von Count being the cause of it. 

Step 1: Getting to know your friend's birthday.

Black Lamb Boi says this step is an easy one because you simply ask your friend when is their birthday, such as the month, year, and day. Awkward silence ensues between Black Lamb Boi and Butt Fly until her birthday is shown. Butt Fly sarcastically congratulates the viewers for getting that through.

Step 2: Put random favorite characters followed by copyrighted music.

Black Lamb Boi assures the viewers that this will get the respect of others.

Step 3: Prepare to make it and upload. 

Black Lamb Boi completes the birthday special and it plays. It turns out to be a lazily edited birthday special with numerous pictures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse followed by birthday text and low-quality music. After that, Black Lamb Boi was revealed to have hated the birthday special and insults the viewers for making it. The episode then ends.



  • The parody was released on November 29, 2019, the day of Simon A.'s 17th birthday. 
  • Unlike Baby Lamb & Friends, this parody features vulgar profanity.
  • The scene with The Count Von Count briefly appearing after Black Lamb Boi says there are 3 easy steps to making a birthday video references Simon A.'s love of The Count and his appearances on Baby Lamb & Friends.
    • Additionally, the birthday special references Simon A.'s fixation for Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
  • It's revealed that Butt Fly's birthday is on December 28, 2017.
  • This whole parody pokes fun at the fact that Simon A. used to make and post birthday videos for his fans on the Baby Lamb Creations YouTube channel. However he has since discontinued it due to fear of getting overwhelmed with requests.

The Parody

Black Lamb Boi and Friends EP01 HOW TO MAKE A BIRTHDAY SPECIAL-1

Black Lamb Boi and Friends EP01 HOW TO MAKE A BIRTHDAY SPECIAL-1

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