Calf McMoo (also known as "Calfy") is a character in Baby Lamb & Friends. He is the younger brother of Cow McMoo.


Calf is, more or less, a miniature version of his older brother, with the tannish-brown cowhide and brown spots. 


Calf is very energetic and perky, especially for his age. He doesn't speak, but instead communicates via gibberish sounds. Cow understands him, though, most of the time. Apparently he used to live with Cow's uncle until he moved to Capitol City to live with Cow as of "A Tale of Two Cows". In that episode, Baby Lamb helped Cow take care of him.


  • According to Cow, Calfy usually draws something to tell him what he wants if he can't understand him.
    • He also knows semaphore, apparently. 
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