Camille Jordan Green (also known as "Cami Cat") is a YouTuber, artist, animator, voice actor, and singer who is known for posting "Fantastic Music Videos, Cartoon Crossovers, and Hilarious Moments" on her YouTube channel, Cami J. Green. In addition, she does a wide variety of cartoon voice impressions and acapella songs. 

She is also a huge fan of Baby Lamb Creations. Her role in Baby Lamb & Friends is being the official voice of Belle Butterfly (replacing Simon A. who originally portrayed the character), starting with Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie


  • Cami, alongside Simon, has appeared in the Derrick McCormick episode "A Bunch of Shorts".
  • She has also guest-starred in the animated Christmas music video, "The Best Christmas of All: A Baby Lamb Christmas", providing multiple singing voices for the video.
  • Simon had always thought of Cami to be perfect as the voice of Belle prior to casting her in the movie and onwards.
    • When she happily obliged to voice her, Simon felt "so relieved" that he didn't have to voice the character himself anymore, cringing at how he voiced female characters early on in the series.


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