Cartoon Shorties Night is the upcoming 7th episode of Season 5 of Baby Lamb & Friends and the 80th episode overall. It has no premiere date yet. 


In a House of Mouse-esque parody, Baby Lamb and the gang host a floor show where other webtoon characters come to watch. Everyone has a part in it, but Alice feels left out and wants to contribute. 





  • This episode pays tribute to Disney's House of House, one of Simon A.'s favorite animated shows.
  • This episode is in celebration of the show's 80th episode.
    • It was originally going to be in celebration of the show's 75th episode but due to personal obligations and the recent coronavirus pandemic, the episode was delayed.
  • The opening and closing titles for this episode are made by Brendan Barney, back in 2017. It was also him who came up with the original idea for the episode. 
  • This is the first episode to be completely scripted. 
  • CREATOR'S NOTE: Characters from "CartoonMania" and "Foolmates" were originally planned to appear in this episode but after the controversy involving Matthew Littlemore (the creator of CartoonMania) being exposed as a pedophile and "Foolmates" currently being scrapped, neither characters from both shows are going to appear.  
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