"Celebrating Thanksgiving Day" is a song sung by Baby Lamb and Cow at the beginning of the Season 1 episode, "Thanksgiving ", which is about celebrating Thanksgiving as they describe what they always do on Thanksgiving. It is a parody of the "The Freaking FCC" from Family Guy.

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Baby Lamb: It's the one time of the year when our families are whole.

Cow: When we show our love for one another, coming from the soul.

Baby Lamb: When we watch a football game that is just like The Super Bowl.

Baby Lamb and Cow: And last, simply not least. We can't forget the feast.

'Cause we're celebrating Thanksgiving Day.

Cow: First we have a tasty breakfast filled with bacon, eggs, and cheese.

Baby Lamb: But if you eat too much, you feel you'll want to catch some Z's.

Cow: Then you watch a great parade that's Macy's expertise.

Baby Lamb: So go quit your snoring, it's on Thanksgiving morning.

'Cause we're celebrating Thanksgiving Day.

Cow: Observing cartoon characters up in the air.

Baby Lamb: Then Santa Claus appears while sitting in his chair.

Cow: Plus the National Dog Show.

Baby Lamb: We thank God for what he's done to give us an awesome life.

Cow: Then we feast upon the turkey with our forks and our knives.

Baby Lamb: Then we give grace in our prayers even after all the strife.

Baby Lamb and Cow: It's the bonding of our nation, we show appreciation

'Cause we're celebrating Thanksgiving Day.

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