Change is a song featured in Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie. After seeing Mister Rogers in person for the first time ever, Baby Lamb realizes that maybe that's why The Dark Slayer is so loathsome, because he's hiding how insecure he is. So Baby Lamb tries to encourage him to change for the better while they travel back to the present.


Baby Lamb: I can make a promise
I can make a plan
I can make a difference
I can take a stand
I can make an effort
If I only understand
That I, I can make a change

You can make a difference
You can make it right
You can make it better
We don't have to fight
You can make an effort
Starting with tonight
'Cause you
You can make a change


  • This song originated from Steven Universe: The Movie. 
  • Simon A. used the Voloco app to slightly alter his voice for the song. 
  • During the scene when Baby Lamb says "We don't have to fight", the title sequence to the Baby Lamb Creations logo is referenced.
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