"Christmastime is Coming Soon" is a song sung by numerous characters in the Season 1 episode "The Baby Lamb & Friends Holiday Special: Part 5 ". It is sung to the tune of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker March.

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Baby Lamb: Christmastime is in one day. 
Christmastime is in one day. 
Donny Dolphin: No time to stop, I gotta run. 
Uncle Lamb: Before the shopping days are done. 
Donny: I gotta rush. 
Uncle Lamb: I gotta scram. 
Donny and Uncle Lamb: 'Cause Christmastime is here. 
Cow: Christmastime is coming soon. 
The Count: Christmastime is coming soon. 
Roger Rex: The bells and balls are in the room. 
Dave: Prepare to meet your Christmas doom. 
Baby Lamb: All over town, we're counting down. 
Alphabet Pal: 'Cause Christmas Eve is here.  
Ricky: Oh, I am excited for the chance!  
To prove to all those boys and girls that Santa is a fake.  
Those cookies will not go in his hand.  
'Cause now's the time the truth will take the stand.  
Rover: Christmastime is coming soon.  
Belle: Christmastime is coming soon.  
Baby Lamb: The Christmas tree is shining bright,  
on the first winter night.  
Bill: Upon a star  
Mejax: From very far  
Steve: 'Cause Christmastime is here!  
Thomas: Christmastime is coming soon.  
Squidward: Christmastime is coming soon.  
Criminal: Santa Claus will come today.  
James: All I really have to say.  
Gavin: When he does.  
El Rapido: I'll make a fuss.  
Dave: 'Cause Christmastime is here.  
Ricky: Santa Claus is nothing but,  
a big fat fraud who's in a rut.  
You're all believing a little white lie.  
How is it possible a reindeer can fly?  
Cow: Don't make fun of Santa Claus.  
It's just all for a good cause.  
Baby Lamb: He does exist right in the eyes  
of boys and girls who are nice.  
Donny: He is not fake, for heaven's sake.  
'Cause Christmastime is here!  
Baby Lamb: Ricky, you just must believe.  
Alphabet Pal: After all, it's Christmas Eve.  
The Count: Never lose your Christmas spirit.  
Handy Man Joe: Will you shut up, I'm trying to hear it.  
My special's on, you must be gone.  
'Cause Christmas Eve is here!  


  • The song also references The Nutcracker Medley from The Simpsons episode "Simpsons Christmas Stories".
  • After the song ends, Handy Man Joe held out a long note and then asks why the music stopped, similar to Pete after the song "Petey's King of France" from Mickey, Donald, & Goofy: The Three Musketeers.
  • Baby Lamb's verse at the beginning of the song was extracted from a 2015 recording, explaining why it sounds so low quality.
  • The song was originally written and produced in 2015, but was remade for this episode.
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