Cliff Hanger is a minor character in Baby Lamb & Friends.


Cliff Hanger has black hair and wears a brown hat that a red band. He also wears a light brown shirt with yellow sleeves on the inside and a white shirt underneath, a brown belt with a yellow buckle, brown shorts, white socks, and brown boots. He also wears a large green backpack.


Cliff Hanger is very polite and kind but is never afraid to take risks. His only desire in life is to get off the cliff he's hanging on. He's not always bright, though, as sometimes his attempts at getting off the cliff don't go too well. 


  • He's part of a series of short videos posted on Baby Lamb Creations that are recreations of "The Adventures of Cliff Hanger" segments from Between the Lions.
    • These short videos date back to 2014 when Simon A. was young. He still continues to make some Cliff Hanger remakes occasionally.
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