"Colors, Colors Everywhere" is a song originally sung by Joe and numerous Colors in a Blue's Clues episode of the same name from 2002. In this series, it is covered by the characters to Dave the Alien in the Season 1 episode, "Dave the Alien", showing how there's more to Earth than only purple.



Baby Lamb: Colors mix above my head

Ricky, Cow, and Donny: Colors mix above my head

Baby Lamb: Like orange made with yellow and red

Alphabet Pal, Belle, and Patricia: Orange made with yellow and red

Ricky and Cow: Chartreuse, a color I had not seen

Baby Lamb: Looks to me like a yellowish green

Donny: We want violet, we know what just what to do-o

Alphabet Pal: Just mix our two friends purple and blue

Alphabet Pal and Belle: Just mix our two friends, purple and blue

Baby Lamb: Mix blue and yellow and there's suddenly green

Ricky, Cow, and Donny: Mix blue and yellow and there's suddenly green

Cow: Then blue and green make aquamarine

Baby Lamb: Colors bright, colors bold

Alphabet Pal and Belle: Vermilion, magenta, and marigold

Baby Lamb: It's so amazing when you stop and stare

Colors, colors everywhere

Everyone: Colors, colors everywhere

Colors, colors everywhere


  • Towards the end of the song, Steve and Joe's respective Handy Dandy Notebooks can be seen.
  • After Baby Lamb mentioned aquamarine, Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants is shown saying "It is aquamarine". 
  • At the end of the song, someone is heard saying "Hey hey hey" in a Fat Albert-esque fashion.
  • This song was included in the episode to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Blue's Clues. 
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