Cookie Madness is a Baby Lamb & Friends animated short starring Baby Lamb and Belle Butterfly. It premiered on YouTube on February 14, 2020.


The short begins with Belle baking some cookies for Baby Lamb as a surprise. The doorbell rings and once Belle notices that Baby Lamb's here, she hurriedly puts the cookies in the oven and ran straight to the piano. Baby Lamb shows up and wonders what Belle's surprise for him is, but Belle doesn't want to spoil it and instead sings a song to him on the piano. Baby Lamb dances to the music and soon joins in on the piano and sings along with Belle. But eventually, Baby Lamb smells smoke and says something's burning. Belle realizes she left the cookies in the oven for too long. Baby Lamb ran and put out the smoke with the fire extinguisher. Later, Belle was crying because she made those cookies special and wanted it to be a surprise for Baby Lamb. Baby Lamb feels bad but then gets an idea and dashes out momentarily. Soon Baby Lamb surprises Belle herself by buying her some cookies (Chips Ahoy and Oreos). Belle feels so much better and hugs Baby Lamb, telling him how sweet he is.



  • Puppy Love


  • This episode is a parody of the 1939 Mickey Mouse short, "Mickey's Surprise Party".
  • In this short, Dre Higbee did the voice of Baby Lamb instead of Simon A.
  • This is the first time Belle is shown with visible arms and legs.
  • Although not directly mentioning it, this short is a Valentine's Day short. 
  • It's revealed that both Baby Lamb and Belle can play the piano. 

The Short

(Baby lamb Cartoon) Cookie Madness

(Baby lamb Cartoon) Cookie Madness

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