The Count Von Count is one of the secondary characters in Baby Lamb & Friends.


The Count is purple with black hair and a beard as well as two noticeable fangs and pointy ears. In addition to wearing a monocle on his left eye, he wears a black suit with a red and yellow sash and a white bow tie, as well as a green cape with a popped collar and spats.


The Count is a mysterious but friendly vampire with an unquenchable thirst for counting, hence the reason he's called The Count. He always takes up the opportunity to count, no matter what the scenario is. Regardless, he has a big heart and loves to tell stories to others. Like on Sesame Street, he punctuates his counting by saying "Ah ah ah", immediately followed by thunder and lightning. 


  • Though self-explanatory, the character originated from the beloved PBS children's series, Sesame Street. Simon A. decided to incorporate the character into the series because he wanted to experiment new things with The Count and he enjoys doing an impression of him.
  • Simon A. has performed The Count in nearly all of his appearances up until Curse of the Were-Lamb! where Little Blue first performed the character. Simon A. decided to have him voice the character because his impression of him is uniquely similar to the late Jerry Nelson's original portrayal of The Count.
  • The Count has a recurring role as the host of the Halloween specials throughout the series, introducing the story and usually ending it by saying "Happy Halloween to all and to all a good fright!".


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