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Derrick Uno McCormick is an actor, animator, voice actor, writer, director, producer, and singer. He is also the creator of three YouTube web series, “Derrick McCormick”, “The Ricans”, and Zoya, the Bamboozle Fearless Stickman”.  

His first role on Baby Lamb & Friends is as his titular character from Derrick McCormick who appears in a cold opening scene from Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie, introducing the story.  

He also reprised his roles as his characters from Derrick McCormick in the 2020 Derrick McCormick/Baby Lamb & Friends crossover movie, "Derrick McCormick & Friends", which he and Simon A. have worked on equally.  

Starred in


  • The Season 4 episode "The Bovine of Seville" appeared in a series of shorts from the Season 3 finale of Derrick McCormick "A Bunch of Shorts", which debuted a few days before the episode premiered on the Baby Lamb Creations YouTube channel.
  • Simon A. has narrated and guest-starred in an episode of Derrick McCormick, titled "Who Dunnit?", as himself. 
  • Derrick has guest-starred in the Baby Lamb Creations video "The Best Christmas of All: A Baby Lamb Christmas", voicing an animated version of himself.  
  • FUN FACT: His web series, Derrick McCormick, was met with admiration from Bob West (the original voice of Barney the Dinosaur) and the late Caroll Spinney (the original performer of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street). 
  • In the Season 4 episode of Derrick McCormick, "Derrick McCormick's COVID-19 Quarantine - Part 1: Social Distancing", most of the episode featured a parody of Baby Lamb & Friends (featuring Derrick in a similar role as Baby Lamb and parodies of the other characters) that mimicked the style of the original show, right down to the opening titles.  


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