Derrick Uno McCormick is an actor, animator, voice actor, writer, director, producer, and singer. He is also the creator of two YouTube web series, “Derrick McCormick” and “The Ricans”.  

His role on Baby Lamb & Friends so far is as his titular character from "Derrick McCormick" who appears in a cold opening scene from Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie, introducing the story. 

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  • While Baby Lamb & Friends and Derrick McCormick hasn't gotten an official crossover yet, the Season 4 episode "The Bovine of Seville" appeared in a series of shorts from the Season 3 finale of Derrick McCormick "A Bunch of Shorts", which debuted a few days before the episode premiered on the Baby Lamb Creations YouTube channel.
  • Simon A. has guest-starred in an episode of Derrick McCormick, titled "Who Dunnit?", as himself and as the narrator. 
  • Derrick has also guest-starred in the Baby Lamb Creations video "The Best Christmas of All: A Baby Lamb Christmas". 


Unocreations by sniz12345 dd2rtw5-pre

A collaborative drawing featuring Derrick McCormick and Simon A's characters.

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