Donald "Donny" Dolphin (usually referred to as Mr. Dolphin) is one of the main protagonists on Baby Lamb & Friends


Donny is a blue dolphin with blue, stubby fins, a large blue fin on his head, a white belly, and small brown eyes similar to those of Ricky Bowers. 


Donny is usually very smart, very wise, and ready to help his fellow friends whenever they're in need. Although sometimes he can be sarcastic, even in times when things don't go right. 

Episode Appearances

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Season 5



  • Although Donny is a dolphin (which is an aquatic animal), he is able to breathe air perfectly given that he's a mammal.
  • Simon A. usually deepens his voice lower to create Donny's voice. 
  • It's revealed in the very first Season 5 episode, "Leap Year Baby", that Donny was born on February 29, 1984.


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