Dre Higbee is a YouTuber, artist, and voice actor known for posting numerous videos on YouTube relating to Teletubbies, McDonalds, The Banana Splits and Boohbah, but he's also known for making his own series featuring original characters inspired by 1930s cartoons.

While he hasn't had a role in an official Baby Lamb & Friends episode yet, he has produced numerous animated shorts based on Baby Lamb & Friends, which he drew, animated, and voice-acted in (with the creator Simon A.'s consent). He voiced Baby Lamb, Cow McMoo, and Belle Butterfly.

Animated Shorts Produced


  • Dre and Simon have been close friends, dating back to late 2018.
  • In addition to those animated Baby Lamb & Friends shorts, Dre has also made:
    • An animated version of the Teletubbies Magic Tree Magical Event, featuring Baby Lamb.
    • A video of Bert (from Sesame Street) interviewing Baby Lamb, promoting Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie.
    • A special video to celebrate Simon A.'s birthday, featuring Mickey Mouse and numerous PBS Kids characters wishing Simon a happy birthday.
    • A short of Cow flexing cash on Baby Lamb, which took place after Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie.
    • A reaction video of Ren & Stimpy (both voiced by Dre) reacting to the Season 2 finale episode, "Post-Holiday Blues".
  • Dre inspired Baby Lamb to redesign Belle by giving her visible arms and legs to make her more versatile.


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