Elie "Kung-E" Muller is a YouTuber, actor, voice actor, and talk show host known for being the host of "Weeknight Update", a late night talk show usually posted on his YouTube channel, Kung-E Muller. 

His involvement in Baby Lamb & Friends is in the movie where he voices a young clerk named Elliot who works at The Evil Store, where The Dark Slayer went to buy weapons. 

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  • Simon A. often participates in Weeknight Update as the musical director since late February of 2019.
    • In addition, he often plays a role in the Friday night newsreel of Weeknight Update "The Random Report" (as the character Bob Richardson who recites poetry) and co-hosts "Random Information" with MichaelsiCast (as Mister Lamb: an amalgamation of his YouTuber persona and Mister Rogers). 
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