Elliott Mando is one of the secondary characters on Baby Lamb & Friends, only appearing in Baby Lamb & Friends: The MovieHe was a former clerk that worked at The Evil Store in Capitol City (where The Dark Slayer got the Stick of Superiority) until eventually it blew up. Towards the end of the movie, he left to pursue his dream of becoming a late-night talk show host.


Elliott is a black young adult with black hair and thin glasses. He wears a blue shirt with a red store vest as well as brown pants and black shoes. 


Despite working at a store that's literally called "The EVIL Store", Elliott is far from evil himself. He's very peppy and kind and doesn't condone violence, but he does this to work his way up to achieving his dream. Still, he sometimes likes to mess around with people, especially The Dark Slayer. Eventually he joins Baby Lamb and the gang to stop The Dark Slayer. 


  • Elliott's facial design is based on that of his voice actor, Elie Muller.
    • Additionally, his mentioning of becoming a late-night talk show host is based on Elie Muller's own passion for hosting a late-night talk show.
  • His attire is based on that of Ash Williams from Ash VS Evil Dead.
  • Originally towards the end of the movie, his voice was going to sound different (more higher-pitched), intended by Elie to give the character a variety of voices but Simon A. just wanted him to keep his voice the same throughout the movie for consistency.
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