"How Fishy" is a Baby Lamb & Friends animated short starring Baby Lamb and Flippers the Penguin. It premiered on YouTube on March 1, 2020.


The short begins with Baby Lamb happily whistling as he walks along the woods and heads to the river, about to fish with Flippers the Penguin. He admires the day but notices Flippers doesn't have a rod until Flippers reminds Baby Lamb that he's a penguin so he doesn't need a rod. Flippers demonstrate how penguins swim to fish, only he was unable to actually catch a fish. Flippers angrily yells at the fish after it went back in the river, but Baby Lamb told him to calm down and shows him how to properly fish with a rod (while successfully catching a fish). After a while, Flippers begins to get bored until he got a bite and was about to reel it in, only to find out that Harmony was holding on to the wire of the fishing rod. Soon Flippers only managed to catch a shoe, to his dismay. He began to get jealous of Baby Lamb when he got a good fish while Flippers only caught a very small fish. He was about to beat the fish with a club until Baby Lamb stops him and realizes that he's not good with fishing poles and that he caught a fish just for Flippers. Flippers was amazed by Baby Lamb's generosity and thanks him for the fish, which he then ate. 



  • This is the first Baby Lamb & Friends short to feature only one of the 6 main characters. Flippers the Penguin is created by Dre Higbee and Harmony is created by Tania Soria. 
  • Flippers was only shown with his top hat for the beginning of the short and after he swam, it wasn't shown for the remainder of the short.
  • Flippers ranting at the fish after failing to catch one is reminiscent of Donald Duck's angry pose.
  • Dre Higbee voiced Baby Lamb and Flippers the Penguin while Alex the Wolf Gamer voiced Harmony.

The Short

Baby Lamb & Friends cartoon In How Fishy

Baby Lamb & Friends cartoon In How Fishy

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