I Can Make a Change is the 5th episode of Season 5 of Baby Lamb & Friends, the 78th episode overall, and the first part of a two-part special. It premiered on YouTube on September 17, 2020.


A children's toy company is out to get Alice because she looks similar to one of their products. Baby Lamb and the gang try to find a way to change Alice before she gets taken away forever. 


COLD OPEN: Cow notices how the sky looks cloudy and he asks Ricky why they're cloudy even though it's summer. Ricky explains that the sky is actually smoky because of several wildfires that have happened. Cow wonders why, and Ricky said that they happened because of over ten-thousand lightning strikes caused by The Count counting too much.

The episode begins with Baby Lamb walking until he comes up to Alice and wants to ask her a question that she is a caterpillar, but she responds that she isn't and that she's actually a walrus. Cow McMoo comes into the conversation and doubts everyone that didn't believe that she was a walrus. Alice was actually being sarcastic but McMoo ignores her and still thinks his theory was right. When McMoo walks away, Baby Lamb asks another question that how long is she going to stay a caterpillar since they form into a chrysalis and turns into a butterfly. Alice didn't think of that way until now and thought she was going to be a caterpillar for the rest of her life. Alice suggests Baby Lamb to talk to Belle since she's a butterfly so she must know a lot about this.

Baby Lamb thinks that a good idea and starts calling Belle over. Belle comes and Baby Lamb asks her a question that she remembers being a caterpillar. She responded she didn't remember it and there's no pictures or anything and also said that why she tell her that. Baby Lamb said that he said the question because Alice is a caterpillar and he figured that there's going to be a time where she might change into something else. Alice responds she guessed that she wasn't meant to change into someone else. Baby Lamb thinks she is right but still, he thinks it sucks still being a caterpillar, by walking on multiple legs, having no arms, moving at a not-so-fast distance. Alice agrees and wishes she could be as versatile as everyone else and guess she has to live with who she is.

Cow McMoo bombs the conversation again and says that a life of walrus (still thinking that she is a walrus) is a life of beauty and says Alice should embraces her "inner walrus" and let that blubberiness show. Baby Lamb reminds him for the last time that she is not a walrus, but McMoo ignores again and says the Kratt Brothers don't know squat and he knows a walrus when he sees it.

Soon, an unknown figure suddenly appears and says that the "walrus" does not belong to them. Baby Lamb asks who is that and suddenly stops once he saw him. The unknown fiqure reveals himself as a frog/human hybrid. McMoo comedically thought that he is Kermit The Frog and introducing himself as the so-called biggest fan and said that he has seen all of his movies and he's like Mickey Mouse, but with words. Belle is trying to say that he is not Kermit the Frog, but McMoo thinks he is because he is green and has the face of a frog, so obviously, he's got to be Kermit the Frog. Ricky appears and being sarcastic as usual and also Donny appears and says that who him supposed to be anyways. The frog/human hybrid reveals his name as The CEO of LeapFrog.

The reason The CEO of LeapFrog is here is that Alice belongs to him and the company owns the rights to her likeness. Baby Lamb asks a question of how you can own the rights to someone's looks and McMoo said how can you even own their friend, Alice. The CEO of LeapFrog responds to a slideshow. The slideshow showcases one of LeapFrog's toys, the Alphabet Pal Toy looks exactly like Alice. Baby Lamb tries to defend Alice that even though she looks similar to a product that LeapFrog owns doesn't mean that she belongs to him. The CEO of Leapfrog isn't liking that excuse and he's pretty sure that somebody's trying to pull Alice off as an original character and trying to rip them off.

The CEO of Leapfrog asks Alice's full name and her initials are A.P. which is the same as Alphabet Pal as he thinks it is not a coincidence. Baby Lamb defends as he thinks that they never actually called her Alphabet Pal, but then, McMoo interrupts him as he remembers something leading to a flashback montage where Alice was called Alphabet Pal back in the early seasons.

Baby Lamb and his friends are losing this argument as The CEO of LeapFrog said that just changing her name isn't going to stop copyright infringement. Alice isn't taking him seriously when he's literally a frog in a suit. The CEO of LeapFrog said that he isn't just intimidating but he could actually get this whole series canceled for trying to rip-off something that they own. Belle steps in and doesn't want to let this happen to Alice because they will be incomplete without her. So, the CEO of LeapFrog gives them a deal: they have 24 hours to make Alice look as original and brand-new as possible to make it distinguishable from their toy. So the group agreed. The only problem is how they're going to change Alice. Only there was a way to magically make Alice look brand-new like a wizard or something, then Donny came up with an idea and know who can help them and Alice.

So, they follow his lead and went to a drawer, when he showed the house of Trumpy the Gnome, one of Captial City's powerful creatures. Donny thinks his magic will be able to help but it's not easy for them to trust him, because there's always a catch when it comes to the spells and stuff that he makes. So, Donny He introduced his friends to Trumpy the Gnome and negotiated to make Alice brand-new and original.. he agreed with them with a cost: Endorsement. So, Donny says he's the best to Trumpy. Alice starts to have second thoughts as she doesn't trust him changing her. Belle is afraid too, but she doesn't think that there's another choice for this problem as Baby Lamb also agrees. So, Alice finally agrees as she's ready for Trumpy to do anything.

To be continued...



  • This is the first multi-part episode since "Valentine's Day Redux" from Season 3, more than 2 years ago.
  • The episode's title is based on a line from the song "Change", heard in Steven Universe: The Movie.
  • This episode will mark a drastic change in character design, making this the last time Alice appears in her original caterpillar form.
  • This episode is Trumpy the Gnome's first appearance since the Season 1 episode "The Baby Lamb & Friends Halloween Special: Part 5", and his first major appearance.

The Episode

Baby Lamb & Friends Episode 78 - I Can Make a Change (Part 1)

Baby Lamb & Friends Episode 78 - I Can Make a Change (Part 1)

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