Jessie Ortiz is a Tomy/Plarail Collector, music composer, home media collector, YouTuber, and voice actor. He is known for posting content associated with the children's series "Thomas & Friends" on his YouTube channel as well as random memes occasionally.

His role on Baby Lamb & Friends is voicing Thomas the Tank Engine in the Season 5 episode "Baby Lamb the Train".  


  • Jessie Ortiz and Simon A. are close friends, dating back to mid-2017.
  • Simon and Jessie have participated in redubs of Thomas & Friends episodes for a while.
  • Additionally, both Jessie and Simon live in California (though neither of them have ever met each other IRL). 
  • The reason Simon picked Jessie to voice Thomas, despite Simon himself voicing Thomas in all his previous appearances, is that he considered Jessie to have a very spot-on impression to Joseph May's US voice of Thomas. 
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