Lenny the Leprechaun is a minor character in Baby Lamb & Friends, though he got a major role in the episode Lenny's Lucky Day from Season 3.


Lenny the Leprechaun has orange sideburns and orange eyebrows on his face and wears a green hat with a belt-buckle. In addition, he also wears a Beatles-esque green jacket and green pants.


Lenny is a proud man of Irish heritage and always wants to spread some Irish cheer to his friends. He often doesn't hold a grudge against anyone and is always very excited. 


  • Despite "the Leprechaun" being in his name, Lenny is not an actual leprechaun.
  • It is revealed in "Life of a LEGO" that Lenny got his name "The Leprechaun" because he was in a band back in the 70s called "Lenny and the Leprechauns".
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