Life of a LEGO is the 4th episode of Season 5 of Baby Lamb & Friends and the 77th episode overall. It was uploaded on June 12, 2020.


Instead of Baby Lamb getting the spotlight, for this episode we get a deeper look into the lives of the LEGO characters. Chief Mark has to deal with some tension between his force and the citizens, Marshall McGee lost his hat, and Rover thinks Lenny is a real leprechaun. 


This episode begins with Baby Lamb singing on a beautiful day until he suddenly hears a horrible protest going on outside of the Police Fort. He is wondering what it's for until Uncle Lamb explains to him that it's about discrimination of color. Chief Mark is concerned about what the intent of the protest is, until one of the protesters blames him for "white privilege". Specifically, using white paper as the most important color for paper and not letting other colored paper have a chance. Baffled, Mark explains that there is only black led and not white led because white led doesn't grow on trees. But they accuse him of being racist, and the protest gets more intense. After being asked by Officer Derek what to do, Mark pointed his gun in the air and shot numerous times, causing people to scatter across. Turns out that he only fired blanks. One of the protesters decides to break into the station and loot the stuff there, and Mejax climbs inside the broken window until he suddenly gets stuck. Bill criticizes Mejax for not thinking before he does stuff.

Meanwhile, Vincent, Lenny, and Marshall all discuss the protests and riots that have been going on and how horrible the situation is. Marshall realizes that someone stole his hat as a result of all the looting that happened as a result of the protests. Lenny and Vincent offered to give Marshall both of their hats but they don't want to because all three of them are bald. Suddenly, Rover walks by wearing Marshall's hat and Marshall spots him. He tackles him to the ground and questions why Rover is wearing his hat. Rover admits that he's still jealous that Marshall beat him in the bullfighting competition they both competed him and thinks that he cheated. But Marshall explains that he wears that hat as an honor and retired from bullfighting to take care of his pet frog, Cosmo. Rover explains that after he got defeated, he gave up bullfighting and went on to race-car driving and realized that was much better suited for him. Marshall said that he should just let go of the past and move on from that experience, and added that they both have something unique.

Lenny notes the quarrel Rover and Marshall had, until Rover tackles Lenny to the ground thinking that he's a real leprechaun. Rover thinks that he's gonna get good luck and millions of dollars. Vincent wants him to let Lenny go but he refuses to. Lenny explains to Rover that he's not actually a leprechaun because it turns out he was in a band in the 70s called "Lenny and the Leprechauns" and he changed his name to "Lenny T. Leprechaun" when it became a big hit. But he's a regular person and doesn't carry around gold or brings good luck. Rover feels stupid but Vincent says that as long as you enjoy doing what you love, that's the only luck you have. Marshall agrees and says that you don't need any superstitious items to consider yourself lucky, mentioning a bullfrog and a hat as the only luck he has. Rover understands and apologizes for his behavior. Chief Mark walks up to the four and wants to know if they're alright, which they are. Rover is surprised that a police officer is concerned for someone's safety, but Mark explains that police officers are supposed to make sure the people they protect and serve are safe and sound. People need to know that who they are on the outside doesn't determine what type of person they are and what matters is people are helping others, keeping them safe, and abiding by the law. Mark wants a world where people aren't stigmatized just for their skin color. Gavin walks up to Mark and mentions that Mejax needs help getting out of the fort. In the end, Mark encourages them to treat others the same and says to reach out to him if they need any help. Rover says that there really are good people in the world, including police officer. Lenny says that you will always look for something fine inside of everyone. Eventually, Mark was able to get Mejax unstuck and out of the window. The episode ends with Mark saying the life of a LEGO isn't easy, but it's a life he enjoys living.




  • This episode is dedicated to the memory of Jens Nygaard Knudsen, the creator of the LEGO minifigure. 
  • It is revealed that Lenny is not a real leprechaun, but he was in a band back in the 70s called Lenny and the Leprechauns. 
  • This episode introduces a new design for Baby Lamb. 
  • This episode is made in response to the protests against police brutality throughout the United States following the tragic death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by a white police officer. 
  • This episode is Lenny, Vincent, and Marshall's first major role in a Baby Lamb & Friends episode since the Season 3 episode "Lenny's Lucky Day". 
  • It is revealed that Marshall and Rover both used to bullfight, but Rover since gave up bullfighting in favor of racing.  

The Episode

Baby Lamb & Friends Episode 77 - Life of a LEGO

Baby Lamb & Friends Episode 77 - Life of a LEGO

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