Merry Half-Mas is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Baby Lamb & Friends. It was uploaded on June 26, 2016.


Baby Lamb and Cow love Christmas so much that they decided to celebrate it at the halfway point, June 25th, and call it Half-mas. Ricky and Mr. Dolphin are bamboozled by the idea, until they realize that whatever time of the year it is, the spirit of Christmas will always be kept alive and with you! 


Baby Lamb, Cow, Bill, and Mejax are happily singing and celebrating Christmas in June, baffling Ricky and Donny who calls their celebration stupid and criticizing them for bringing holiday cheer at the wrong time of the year. However, Baby Lamb explains that June 25th marks the halfway point between last Christmas and next Christmas, thus making the day Halfmas. Cow concurs and considers the idea original in contrast to the cliche "Christmas in July" trope. Still, Donny isn't impresed, but Ricky recalls seeing a sale on ugly Christmas sweaters at the mall for half-off, making it seem conincidential. 

Afterwards, Baby Lamb's uncle appears and praises Baby Lamb for celebrating Christmas during the summer, which he takes great joy in doing. Then he talks about an episode of Sesame Street he saw that has a song that says "Keep Christmas with You", which means that it's not presents that are Christmas but the thoughts and love that we show. So if people are proud to celebrate Christmas at the wrong time, then everyone should contribute. Donny and Ricky realize the real Christmas is inside you all along. So everyone continues to enjoy the merriment of Halfmas, as Santa wishes everyone a Merry Halfmas.


  • Baby Lamb
  • Cow
  • Bill
  • Mejax
  • Ricky Bowers
  • Donny Dolphin
  • Uncle Lamb
  • Santa Claus



  • Although this is technically the very first Christmas-themed episode of Baby Lamb & Friends, there won't be an ACTUAL one released in December until 20 episodes later.
  • This episode references Sesame Street and the special "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street", which features the song "Keep Christmas with You" that plays at the end of this episode.
  • The audio that says "IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS" at the end was from the Ed Edd n Eddy episode "Fa La-La-La-Ed".
  • This is the last episode to be shot on an iPhone 4. Episodes afterwards will be shot on an iPad.

The Episode

Baby Lamb & Friends- Episode 5 - Merry Half-Mas

Baby Lamb & Friends- Episode 5 - Merry Half-Mas

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