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The Neighborhood Trolley, or simply called "Trolley", is a character in Baby Lamb & Friends.


Trolley is red with green seats, yellow sides, headlights on both sides, and with black wheels. He also has a yellow sign at the top that says "Neighborhood Trolley" on both sides.


The Neighborhood Trolley originates from the beloved PBS children's series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. On Baby Lamb & Friends, Trolley is often willing to give people a ride (and even save people from danger, as shown in Trolley's debut episode). In the episode Meet Gus, Trolley was shown to be suspicious of Baby Lamb and Cow, thinking that they kidnapped Gus.


  • Like in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Simon A. uses a piano and celesta for the Trolley's "voice".
  • It's revealed in Thomas Comes to Visit that Trolley and Thomas the Tank Engine know each other.
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