Nicholas Cazares (better known online as Frumper Dink) is a YouTuber, memer, car enthusiast, and hobbyist. He's known to post dank memes on YouTube and used to post videos relating to Minecraft and Epic Flipnotes. 

His involvement in Baby Lamb & Friends is voicing a man attached to the back of Homer Simpson's car in the epilogue scene from "Baby on Board", voicing an animated character named after himself in Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie, and also appearing as himself on TV in the movie. 


  • Nick is Simon A.'s best (and closest) friend, having known each other IRL since childhood for over a decade. 
  • Apart from Baby Lamb & Friends, the two have also collaborated in an episode of Simon's Cliff Hanger remake series, "Cliff Hanger and the Nyan Cat".
  • Nick has given Simon a special shoutout to Baby Lamb Creations to celebrate his birthday back in 2017.
    For a Special Friend- IMPORTANT VIDEO FOR PERSON

    For a Special Friend- IMPORTANT VIDEO FOR PERSON

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