Osiris is one of the secondary characters that appeared in Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie. He is voiced by actor and YouTuber Josh Pollitt.


Osiris has a peach complexion, gray hair, albeit a bald spot on his head (covered by a maroon-colored beret), and a wavy mustache. He wears a dark red robe (with light red cuffs) and a purple ascot. He also wears white shoes and carries around a black cane.


Osiris is very snarky and critical and isn't afraid to speak his mind to anyone. He takes great joy in criticizing other people, only doing so to encourage them to do better. When he first met The Dark Slayer, he criticized everything about him from his lair to his plan to his clothes. The Dark Slayer ended up punching Osiris when he said that he'll suck at being a villain, reminding him of what Ricky said about him earlier in the film. Towards the end of the movie, it was revealed that he became an art critic at a museum.


  • Osiris was based on a DeviantArt user Simon A. knew (and deeply resented), OrlichNejire, around the end of July. 
  • In a conversation with his voice actor, Josh Politt, Simon revealed that Osiris is in his 60s. 
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