Professor Daniel Flaten, PHD is a character in Baby Lamb & Friends. He appeared in Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie, being one of the people The Dark Slayer recruited into his evil army in hopes of taking over Capitol City. 


Professor Flaten is a tall Caucasian man with messy gray hair, round glasses, and wrinkles in his face. He sports a blue lab coat with red pens, a light blue shirt, Navy pants, and black shoes.


Professor Flaten is very intelligent, having graduated from the Capitol City State University and having gained the ability to tamper with the fabric of space and time and change the weather. Despite his being in an evil army, he never considered himself evil. He wants to use his talent to change the world for the better, leading him to give The Dark Slayer his time machine in order for him to change the past and make his future better. 


  • Professor Flaten is based on Simon A.'s middle school science teacher, Mr. Dana Flaten.
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