"Quarantine Life" is a song sung by Baby Lamb and Cow in the Season 5 episode of the same name.


Baby Lamb: I get up in the morning and see the sun.
I eat breakfast, brush my teeth, my day's begun.
I put on a mask, once piece at a time. 
And head right back inside because it's Quarantine Life.
Baby Lamb and Cow: Quarantine Life. 
We're in it! 
We're in it!
Self-quarantine, self quarantine!


  • The song is a parody of the song "All in a Day" from the 2000s PBS Kids series, Caillou.
  • Baby Lamb's voice was digitally altered so he can hit the high notes in the song better.
    • In addition, the backup vocals for the song were done with the Voloco app.
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