Richard "Ricky" M. Bowers is one of the main protagonists on Baby Lamb & Friends.  


Ricky is a dog whose arms, legs, and ears are yellow while his torso and head are red and his muzzle is white. He has small brown eyes and a big black nose. He also has a small yellow tail (which was added as of early 2020 as a redesign).  


Most of the time, Ricky tends to act cocky and conceited, and even bashful. But in spite of that, he has a heart and he cares for his friends very deeply.  

Episode Appearances

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  • Simon A. uses his regular voice for Ricky. Interestingly enough, Seth MacFarlane uses his regular voice for the role of Brian Griffin from Family Guy, who's also an anthropomorphic dog.
  • It is revealed that Ricky is a huge fan of Doghouse Rock, a parody of Schoolhouse Rock.
  • Simon A. came up with the name "Ricky Bowers" in 2014.


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