Riley Schnopps is a character in Baby Lamb & Friends who was supposedly Ricky Bowers' girlfriend. 


Riley bears a striking resemblance to Ricky Bowers, only with pinkish-red fur and pink ears and extremeties. She also has visible eyelashes and a red heart on her stomach.


Riley was initially a fictional character, used as a disguise by Baby Lamb and Cow in Valentine's Day Redux: Part 2, posing as Ricky's blind date so he can get a Valentine of his own for Valentine's Day. However, after Donny struck Cow in the butt with one of Ricky's cupid arows, their cover was blown and Ricky found out Riley was a fake. That is, until eventually Ricky came face-to-face with Riley, who turned out to be REAL. So they shared a kiss and went off on their date. However, she was never shown again on the series after Valentine's Day Redux: Part 3.


  • Riley is based off of many animated cartoon characters who are female incarnations of their boyfriends.
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