Santa Claus is a minor character in Baby Lamb & FriendsHe's based on the fictional figure originating in Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved children on the night of Christmas Eve or during the early morning hours of Christmas Day. 


Santa Claus is a stout man with a red nose, beady black eyes, and a red Christmas hat. He also wears a red suit with green gloves, a black belt, and black boots. 


Santa Claus is a very jolly man that is often full of wisdom, but isn't afraid to punish naughty children on Christmas.

Santa Claus first appeared at the end of the Season 1 episode "Merry Half-Mas", where he says that no matter what day of the year it is, the real Christmas will always be inside you no matter what.

In "The Baby Lamb & Friends Holiday Special: Part 6", after Ricky apologizes to Santa for talking smack about him all this time, Santa doesn't mind, because he doesn't mind people not believing in him. He started out as a thought in parents, and was created by imagination. Santa came because for the first time in 13 years, he noticed a rapid increase in Christmas spirit and wanted to find out where it came from. 

Santa announces that they all have landed permanent spots on his nice list. But Baby Lamb mentions how sad it can be for kids when Christmas ends, so Santa says you can make it last all year by keeping its spirit close to your heart. Santa then prepares to leave to continue delivering the presents before Christmas, but not before he says "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!" All of a sudden, it starts snowing in Capitol City and Cow really thinks that anything is possible if you believe.

Santa made another appearance in the Season 2 episode "The True Meaning of Christmas: Part 2" after Baby Lamb was desperately trying to find the true meaning of Christmas. Santa told Baby Lamb that Christmas' meaning has nothing to do with presents, trees, or even him. Instead, it's about YOU, especially if you carry Christmas' meaning and share it with those you love. Baby Lamb finally realizes what Christmas really is all about. Baby Lamb thanks Santa, who tells him to head off to bed if he wants to get any presents tomorrow morning. Baby Lamb does, but not before Santa wishes Baby Lamb a Merry Christmas, and Baby Lamb wishes Santa a Merry Christmas. 

Santa reappeared towards the end as everyone sang "The Best Christmas of All."

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