"Sometimes I'll Be There" (titled as "A Random Halloween Spooktacular") is a musical Baby Lamb & Friends Halloween short. It premiered to YouTube on October 31, 2019.


The episode features Baby Lamb and the gang, dressed up in distinct Halloween costumes, where Baby Lamb is singing to the song "Sometimes I'll Be There" (from The Naked Brothers Band). He soon gets transported to the Count Von Count's castle, feeling lonely until Belle magically appears. However, she soon disappears and Baby Lamb gets frustrated as thunder and lightning surrounds him.


  • Baby Lamb 
  • Cow McMoo
  • Ricky Bowers
  • Alice Pennington
  • Belle Butterfly
  • Donny Dolphin
  • Ami Onuki (cameo)
  • Yumi Yoshimura (cameo)


Mysteries of the past in one final blow
The future is the one that you know must go
It's a table of conscience in a room filled with tears
A cued-chewed sense of life, drained from all these years

Sometimes I'll be there
(Sometimes I won't)
Sometimes I won't
Sometimes I'll see you there
(Sometimes I won't)
Sometimes I won't

And I don't
Cause its my house,
It's my day,
It's my place
So go away

But you can stay, you can stay
You can stay, you can stay
You can stay, you can stay
You can stay, you can stay


  • This short is heavily inspired by the song "Sometimes I'll Be There" music video from The Naked Brothers Band Season 1 episode "Wolff Brothers Cry Wolf", which (like this short) combines live-action with animation.
  • Some of the tombstones in the background feature symbols of famous characters to to pay tribute to deceased people who have portrayed those characters. They include:
    • Mickey Mouse (tribute to Wayne Allwine)
    • Minnie Mouse (tribute to Russi Taylor)
    • Iron Man (tribute to Tony Stark, referencing his in-universe death in Endgame)
    • Robert Freeman (tribute to John Witherspoon, who died 2 days before this short premiered)
  • The characters are dressed in different Halloween costumes:
    • Baby Lamb is dressed as The Count Von Count
    • Belle is dressed as The Countess
    • Cow is dressed as Uncle Fester from The Addams Family
    • Ricky is dressed as Gomez from The Addams Family
    • Donny is dressed as the Radio Demon from Hazbin Hotel
    • Alice is dressed as Charlie from Hazbin Hotel
  • Cameron W. Cowan, Simon A.'s close friend and famous YTPer, helped out with the editing for the video.
  • CREATOR'S NOTE: This short is actually a remake of a video Simon A. made back in 2015 featuring the same song and similar plot, and also the first ever animation Simon made. 
  • A portrait of Matthew Littlemore from CartoonMania dressed as The Count Von Count appears inside the castle.

The Short

Happy Halloween! 🎃 "Sometimes I'll Be There" (ANIMATED VIDEO)

Happy Halloween! 🎃 "Sometimes I'll Be There" (ANIMATED VIDEO)

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