Summer Halloween is the eighth episode of the first season of Baby Lamb & Friends. It was released on July 22, 2016.


In this episode, inspired by the Fred video on Summer Halloween, the Police decide to celebrate Halloween on July 22nd. They dress up in funny costumes, except for Patricia and Mark, who are dumbfounded by the idea. Then Baby Lamb, who's dressed up as the Count Von Count from Sesame Street, tries to persuade the two.


It's just another day at the Police Fort as the Neighborhood Trolley passes by, and Officers Mark and Patricia are watching an episode of FRED that's about celebrating Halloween during summertime. Mark finds the idea stupid and no one will believe it, and Patricia agrees but finds it original until she notices a criminal trick-or-treating at the front door. She then threatens him with a gun to go back to his cell, with his cellmate wondering if he got any candy.

Patricia is as dumbfounded as Mark, but it escalates even further when the rest of the police crew, especially their hound, are dressed up for Summer Halloween, calling it the latest trend. Baby Lamb shows up and talks about how the trend of Summer Halloween came to be, and about the guy who came up with the idea, Fred Figglehorn, who ceased making YouTube videos in 2015. So they all decided to celebrate FRED by celebrating Summer Halloween, and even Mark and Patricia wear costumes of their own.


  • Officer Mark
  • Officer Patricia
  • Officer Marvin
  • Officer Aaron
  • Officer Derek
  • Milo the Hound
  • Criminals
  • James and Gavin
  • Zombie
  • Baby Lamb


  • The characters dressed up include:
    • Baby Lamb as the Count Von Count
    • Aaron as Shaggy Rogers
    • Marvin as Fred Jones
    • Derek as Scooby-Doo
    • James as a Race Car Driver
    • The Hound as Homer Simpson
    • Mark as Bart Simpson
    • Patricia as Lisa Simpson
  • This episode is an obvious reference and tribute to FRED, who has an episode centered around celebrating Halloween in July.
  • When Gavin took off his Squidward mask, his face was censored and people had an uncertain reaction, referencing how when Double D's hat was taken off in "Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show", his uncovered head was censored.
  • When Baby Lamb was talking to the police crew, he accidentally knocks down two of them. This was not intentional, but Simon decided to improvise and include that scene in the episode.

The Episode

Baby Lamb & Friends- Episode 8 - Summer Halloween

Baby Lamb & Friends- Episode 8 - Summer Halloween

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