"Summer and School" is a song sung by Alphabet Pal and Baby Lamb in the Season 1 episode "End of Summer: Part 2 ". It's about Baby Lamb feeling down because summer's ending and school's starting but Alphabet Pal tries to comfort him and change his point of view. It is sung to the tune of "Six Small Wheels" from Thomas & Friends: The Great Race. 



Alphabet Pal: Summer comes and summer goes.

Soon the weather's starting to get cool.

And this is what everybody knows.

Soon we have to get right back to school.

Summer's ending today.

There's nothing else we can possibly say.

I know you're feeling a little bit sad,

But don't think it's absolutely bad.

(Baby Lamb: Are you Serious?)

Summer was so awesome and exciting.

Summer was a great big blast.

Summer was so totally enlightening.

Glad we enjoyed it while it lasts.

Baby Lamb: On come on, why did summer had to end so quickly.

It starts and before you know, it ends.

Soon it all would be a tiny memory.

It doesn't help that school's around the bend.

Why did this summer had to leave?

I just couldn't possibly believe.

Take me with you, spare me all the stress.

I know I can take it all for less.

Alphabet Pal: Parents say it's for the education.

They would say it's for our own good.

They would say it's our imagination

Thinking school puts us in a bad mood.

Baby Lamb: Why did this summer had to leave?

I just couldn't possibly believe.

Alphabet Pal: I know, it's stupid.

But we should know

There's nothing else we really want to say.

Baby Lamb, just try to enjoy the go.

And summer will come back, don't you know.


  • Baby Lamb
  • Alphabet Pal
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