"Sweet Wings of Love" is a romantic song sung by Ricky Bowers at the end of the Season 2 episode "Valentine's Day: Part 3 " and the Season 3 episode "Valentine's Day Redux: Part 3 ". 

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A float on the breeze

On wings of love

Like birds and like bees

Sweet wings of love

The first day we met

On wings of love

We watch the sunset

Sweet wings of love

And if by some chance

Some twist of fate

We're chasing romance

It's not too late

It's heaven's design, you'll be mine
hands entwined on wings of love
Our real life fairytale


Down the stream of life we sail

Life we sail

And our world in twilight gleam

Twilight gleam

Like the light in your eyes
inside my dreams
Your whisper lightly tickles my ears
It's Paris! Ah... in the spring

Spring, spring, spring, spring, spring

I feel so giddy one thing is clear:
you stir my heart to sing
Don't take your hand from mine

hand from mine

Just hold tight until you find

hold on tight

You're the light I'm dreaming of

Dreaming of

And I'm waiting for you on wings of love
...waiting for you on wings

Lovely little wings

....of love


  • Like the song "Love So Lovely", this is one of the few songs to be sung in more than one episode.
  • The song was originally in the 2004 movie, "Mickey, Donald, & Goofy: The Three Musketeers" as a romantic ballad for Mickey and Minnie Mouse, sung by The Troubadour (voiced by Rob Paulsen).
  • In the Season 3 version of the song, the extra lines featured in the MDG: The Three Musketeers soundtrack were sung and Ricky's voice was digitally altered to sing better.
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