The Babysitter is an animated Queen Bee Suzy short that features Belle Butterfly from Baby Lamb & Friends. The short premiered on March 26, 2020.


Queen Bee Suzy has to leave for a while, so her friend Belle offers to look after Baby Buzz.


The short begins with Queen Bee Suzy putting on makeup, getting ready to go somewhere. Baby Buzz looks up to her with a nervous expression, knowing that she's gonna leave, but she assured him that she'll be back. There's a knock on the door and as Baby Buzz gets more nervous and tense, Queen Bee Suzy answers the door. It was Belle Butterfly, who came to babysit Buzz. Baby Buzz was still nervous. Belle waved goodbye as Queen Bee Suzy left. Baby Buzz is unhappy that his mom left and initially ignored Belle. But then Belle got an idea! She took out some pencils and paper and soon they both were drawing together. Belle drew a picture of Baby Buzz, which he loved dearly. Baby Buzz then drew a lovely drawing of Belle, which made Belle so happy that tears were in her eyes. The two shared a hug. Soon after, Queen Baby Suzy returned and found Belle and Baby Buzz sleeping together after Belle read Baby Buzz a bedtime story. Queen Baby Suzy was so touched by what she saw and was glad Baby Buzz had a wonderful time with Belle.

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  • This is the first time ever Belle Butterfly appears in a video without Baby Lamb.
  • This is also the first time Belle Butterfly has a major independent role. 
  • According to Dre Higbee (who made the short), Belle and Suzy are old pals. 
  • Unlike all the other shorts, this one is not specifically for the Baby Lamb & Friends series.
  • ERROR: When Belle got an idea for how to entertain Baby Buzz, her eyelashes are missing. 

The Short

(Queen Bee Suzy) The Babysitting-0

(Queen Bee Suzy) The Babysitting-0

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