Abraham Von Gunnerstein (known by many as "The Dark Slayer") is the main antagonist on Baby Lamb & Friends


The Dark Slayer is overweight and wears a dark red cape with an open collar. He also wears a dark red shirt and light red pants, a gold medallion around his neck, black boots, grey gloves, and a monocle in his left eye. Additionally, he has large, poofy hair but is also bald at the top. 


The Dark Slayer is very irascible, bad-tempered, foul, egotistical, and impolite. He often tries to be as bad as possible, from kidnapping Winnie the Pooh to stealing the gang's soccer ball.

As a child, he was often very happy and innocent until lots of bullying at camp (with no help from Uncle Lamb) corrupted his mind and giving him a more evil and sinister mindset. From then on, he wants to be an actual villain, but is repeatedly unsuccessful at doing so. He is also often cruel to his son, Jonathan, and treats him as a mere servant more often than not, usually using verbal (or even threats of physical) abuse towards him.

However, after achieving his goal of kidnapping the town and a time travel experience, The Dark Slayer had a tedious change of heart and realized he can't feel good if he can't do good. He was nearly about to commit suicide after realizing what he did wrong until Baby Lamb and his friends encouraged him that it's not too late for him to change.


  • His appearance looked like a mix of Dr. David Nelson from South Park and Danny Devito (due to hair and facial appearances)
  • He had a rough childhood due to him getting bullied as a kid
  • His evil attire is based on that of Shrek, The Count Von Count, and Big Billy.
  • The Dark Slayer is modeled after Simon A.'s real-life older brother.
    • He was first designed in 2016 and was also going to be the villain in the original concept for Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie but it was scrapped due to time constraints and a lack of available storage on Simon's iPad.
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