The Easter Chicken is a recurring character on Baby Lamb & Friends. He's the assistant of The Easter Bunny, and helps lay all the brightly-colored Easter eggs that The Easter Bunny delivers to children every year.


The Easter Chicken is a small yellow chick with orange legs and orange webbed feet as well as an orange feet and small blue eyes. He also carries around a green basket containing Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. 


When The Easter Chicken first appeared, he was grouchy and cantankerous because he doesn't get enough credit for laying all those eggs (along with the other chickens). He decided to quit laying eggs until The Easter Bunny gives him the credit he deserves. The Easter Bunny was mad at him for all the delivery delays and they were arguing but soon they began to understand one another and apologized. Eventually, The Easter Chicken partnered up with The Easter Bunny and they travel together for the Easter deliveries from now on.

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