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The Evil Store is a place in Capitol City that sells, as the name suggests, items that are associated with evil. Its slogan is "Welcome to The Evil Store, where we have evil things and many more!"


The Evil Store is a local convienence store in Capitol City. As Elliott (a former employee at The Evil Store) describes, it has "all the best weapons and villain accessories money can buy". It only appeared in Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie where The Dark Slayer came to buy something evil and Elliott offered to him The Stick of Superiority. It's also revealed that Cow also goes there, only for the snacks in the vending machines (specifically the Doritos). That's also how he knew Elliott there. Shortly after The Dark Slayer left (without even paying), The Evil Store blew up, completely destroying the place and reducing it to mere rubble.


  • Outside of The Evil Store, there is a wanted poster shown of John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren & Stimpy who is often a target of hate and controversy.
  • The items available for purchase at The Evil Store include:
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    • A Minecraft TNT block
    • A Cappy hat
    • A Demon Sword
    • A Spatula
    • Robotboy
    • Infinity Gauntlet
    • Fart Gun
    • Mine Turtle
    • Head of Peter Griffin
    • Plank
    • Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe
    • Omnitrix
    • Genie Lamp
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