The Ferris Pinwheel is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Baby Lamb & Friends. It was posted on July 18, 2016


In this episode, Baby Lamb and Cow go outside and find a strong summer breeze. But when Baby Lamb accidentally gets stuck in the pinwheel and the wind blows stronger, Baby Lamb is in for a wild ride!


Baby Lamb and Cow are outside on a windy summer day and notice a gigantic pinwheel-shaped windmill near their house, with curiousity overwhelming them. Cow then farts, making a wind-related pun. Baby Lamb gets close to the windmill, wondering if it could be used as a Ferris Wheel. Cow warns him not to get too close to it, but Baby Lamb doesn't worry UNTIL he gets attached to the pinwheel that starts to spin very fast, making Baby Lamb go very fast as well.

Later, at the Police Fort, Officer Mark is walking out of his car until he hears someone crashing through the roof, which turns out to be Baby Lamb. Cow hurries to the fort and to make sure if Baby Lamb's ok while Mark is concerned. Turns out Baby Lamb wasn't riding a Ferris Wheel, he was riding a roller coaster! Mark figured it was a wooden roller coaster that always breaks easily.



  • Baby Lamb
  • Cow


  • Officer Mark


  • Officer Patricia
  • Officer Marvin
  • Officer Derek
  • Officer Aaron


  • This is the very first episode to have the "Baby Lamb Creations" logo shown at the beginning, which will also occur for the rest of the series. 
  • The song that plays while Baby Lamb rides on the pinwheel is "You Spin Me Right Round" by Dead or Alive, which the police crew were also shown watching on TV.
  • This is the first episode to take place outside.
  • While Baby Lamb was riding the pinwheel, he shouts "Cow, stop this crazy thing!", which is a reference to the credits sequence of The Jetsons.

The Episode

Baby Lamb & Friends- Episode 7 - The Ferris Pinwheel

Baby Lamb & Friends- Episode 7 - The Ferris Pinwheel

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