Rafael "Uncle" Lamb is a supporting character on Baby Lamb & Friends


Uncle Lamb overall bears a striking resemblance to Baby Lamb, his nephew. However, he is taller, has gray wool, thick eyebrows, faint forehead lines, and some hairs on his chin. He wears a white T-shirt with the Macy's logo and a top hat that says "Emergency TOP HAT". 


Uncle Lamb at times appears gruff but really he is full of random wisdom that he's willing to give to Baby Lamb and his friends. Though he is Baby Lamb's uncle, he often acts as his caretaker since Baby Lamb's parents are unknown, and he cares deeply for Baby Lamb. 


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  • Uncle Lamb's shirt having a red star is intended to be a reference to the Macy's logo (without the word "Macy's" included). 
  • Uncle Lamb is the only other lamb featured in the entire series. He's also depicted as Baby Lamb's caretaker.
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