"We Are The Pirate Posse Guys" is a song sung by Ricky, Baby Lamb, Cow, and Donny in the Season 1 episode, "The Pirate Posse Guys (and Gal)". At the end of the episode, the 4 reprised the song with the addition of Alphabet Pal. It is sung to the tune of "Master of the Seas" from Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.



Baby Lamb: We are the mighty crew,

sailing off to the ocean blue.

Making waves as we go, two and fro,

heading off right to the seas. 

Donny: Though we don't know what to do,

we'll be trying something new.

Ricky and Cow: We make such an awesome team.

Everyone: We are the pirate posse guys!

Donny: As we head off to the shore,

we will expect nothing more.

Baby Lamb: Other than a big box full of gold.

Cow: My friends and I, we've got it made,

so our location will not fade.

Ricky: We'll show the sea who's boss!

Everyone: We are brave and bold!


Baby Lamb: We are the mighty blue.

Being pulled by a train that's blue.

Cow: Having fun as we go, two and fro,

we're just doing what we please.

Alphabet Pal: Now we know just what to do,

it was fun for me and you. 

Ricky: We make such an awesome team. 

Baby Lamb: Baby Lamb!

Cow: Cow!

Donny: Mr. Dolphin

Ricky: Ricky!

Alphabet Pal: Alphabet Pal!

Handy Man Joe: And me!

Everyone: Yes, we're the pirate posse guys!

(Alphabet Pal: And gal, don't forget gal)

Oh yeah, that's us!

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