Where's Baby Lamb? is a Baby Lamb & Friends short that aired on November 10, 2019.


Cow gets worried when Baby Lamb has to leave. 


Baby Lamb tells Cow that he's gonna go grab some snacks and asks if he wants anything. Cow declines the offer and instead chooses to wait until Baby Lamb gets back. Baby Lamb leaves, leaving Cow by himself. All of a sudden, Cow starts to wonder where Baby Lamb is. He starts to get worried and starts freaking out, wondering if Baby Lamb is lost. Missing his best friend, Cow starts crying hysterically. But Baby Lamb soon returns and Cow gives Baby Lamb a big hug, squeezing him intensely. Baby Lamb said he was only gone for a minute.



  • This is the first time ever in the series that Baby Lamb and Cow are not voiced by Simon A. as per usual. Dre Higbee has voiced both characters for this particular short.
  • The whole entire short was made by Dre Higbee, fellow artist and supporter of Baby Lamb Creations.
  • This short follows a similar format to the Bert and Ernie segments from Sesame Street.
    • Coincidentally, this short aired on the day of Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary.
  • The dialogue shared by Baby Lamb and Cow at the end (as well as Cow hugging Baby Lamb) references the scene in Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie where Cow hugged Baby Lamb when he came back to the present after time traveling.

The Short

Baby Lamb & Friends Where's Baby Lamb?

Baby Lamb & Friends Where's Baby Lamb?

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